Why Dundee Is A Great Place To Live

Published: 09th July 2010
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There are an abundance of benefits when you rent a flat in Dundee, with a population of approximately 145,000, it is much quieter than other cities and there is a reduced amount of traffic and air pollution. Dundee is situated on the north bank of the river Firth of Tay that flows into the North Sea. As the city is south facing it attracts a better than average amount of sunshine for a Scottish City and Dundee is now officially known as the sunniest city in Scotland. As well as this a recent poll found its inhabitants to be the friendliest in the UK.

Dundee has one of the most beautiful settings in Scotland, from mountains and lochs in the west, to miles of coastline in the east; the city is surrounded by magnificent Scottish scenery. Dundee is an hour's drive from the sights of Edinburgh and only twenty minutes from the golf courses in St. Andrews.

Dundee grew as a city through the local jute, jam and journalism industries, which are commonly referred to as the three J's. However after the decline of the traditional industries the city has re-invented itself and now employs a significant number of people in biotechnology and the biomedical science industry and also in the digital industry. As well as this Dundee has a very strong software development industry as it is home to the company that produced the Grand Theft Auto series of computer games.

There are great educational opportunities if you reside in Dundee, as there are two universities, the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay Dundee as well as many colleges. 20% of Dundee's population are students, this contributes to the vibrant atmosphere and booming nightlife boasting an abundance of quality pubs, bars, restaurants and major nightclubs. It also means an abundance of student letting in Dundee is also available.

These days the city attracts a vast amount of visitors who indulge in retail therapy in the city's shops. As well as the major department stores, the city also offers excellent specialist shops tucked away in side streets.

Taking into account the great location, scenery and facilities available to those residing in Dundee, you will be pleasantly surprised that the cost of living in the city is still on average 16% cheaper than the rest of the UK and people are often amazed at the quality of housing they can buy or rent in Dundee. Flats to rent in Dundee are generally tall Victorian tenements, mainly four levels high, built from a honey or brown sandstone.

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